Can You Wear Dentures Overnight?

Wearing dentures for extended periods can be beneficial for the wearer because it makes your false teeth feel more natural and second nature. Wearing dentures overnight, however, is not recommended. We wrote this article to help you understand the risks associated:
  • Potential bone loss: Wearing your dentures while you sleep can put additional pressure on your gums and accelerate bone loss and gum resorption. Putting your dentures away for the night relieves gum pressure and allows the bone underneath time to strengthen.
  • Loose fit and misalignment: With the added pressure on your gums and resulting bone loss, wearing your dentures overnight can cause your dentures to fit loosely during the day. A loose fit can cause irritated gums, abrasions, and difficulty biting or chewing.
  • Increased bacterial growth: Taking your dentures out at night gives you a chance to clean and sanitize them properly. It also allows you to properly clean your mouth with a sanitizing rinse. Wearing dentures overnight can lead to bacterial overgrowth and gum infections.
  • Promotes gum inflammation: Wearing dentures at night can block the natural flow of saliva and make your mouth dry. This lack of moisture can lead to oral thrush and swollen, inflamed gums. The denture itself can also shift and rub against your gums as you sleep, leading to abrasions, sores, and potential infection.
  • It might damage your dentures: Wearing dentures while you sleep may cause damage to them. Since the inside of the mouth is acidic, it can cause premature deterioration if you wear them all the time. You should remove your dentures for at least 6 hours each day—they should be cleaned or placed in an anti-bacterial solution.

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