How to Clean Dentures

Foods that stain dentures include blueberries, hot and iced coffee and red wine. Drinking water between bites of that delicious blueberry pie can ward off stains from both dentures and natural teeth. Straws work well because they reduce contact time between the beverage and your dentures but the best way to maintain oral health, is to brush your dentures daily and keep them in a solution overnight. Brush them with a soft toothbrush and water, denture paste or non-abrasive toothpaste. For best results, use cleaning products formulated to clean dentures. Denture cleansers are available in tablet form that dissolve in water or solutions for overnight cleaning. Fast acting cleansers work well and can be used after each meal. For any product you buy to clean your dentures, carefully follow the instructions on the label. For partial dentures, make sure you use a cleaning solution made for partials.
Avoid abrasive cleaners and tools like hard bristled toothbrushes and harsh toothpaste. Teeth whiteners may have chemicals that are too coarse for dentures that scratch the surface. Very hot water can warp dentures out of shape, leading to the need for denture repairs.
Incidentally, if you have someone in the family wearing a night guard (a nocturnal night plate used to cushion the teeth against grinding) you can clean this appliance the same way as dentures.
For persistent stains that build up over time, contact us for a cleaning appointment. We will remove difficult surface stains and polish your dentures so they look like new. We’ll give you back your smile.
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