Can I Sleep with My New Dentures? Here’s what you need to know

After getting new dentures, it’s essential to understand how to care for them for the best results. A common question that many people ask is, “Can I sleep with my new dentures?” This question is crucial because it can affect not only your oral health but also your overall wellness. In this blog post, we will explore the answer to this question and what you should know about wearing dentures while you sleep.
When dentures are placed immediately after tooth extraction, it’s acceptable to leave them in for 24 hours and even wear them while sleeping. Their role, in this case, is to act as a bandage as the tissues heal and change shape. However, after the first day, you should remove your dentures every night. Keeping them in while you sleep can lead to several problems. One of these problems is that it can cause an oral fungal infection since it restricts airflow to your mouth. Additionally, it can put pressure and irritation on your gums, causing soreness or tissue break down and other problems that can lead to infection.
Moreover, removing your dentures at night helps reduce the chances of bone loss. When you sleep with your dentures in, it creates pressure on the jawbone. Over time, this pressure can lead to bone loss or deterioration in the jawbone. This condition can cause dentures to fit poorly, moving around, and causing soreness or discomfort. Resting the jawbone by removing dentures at night helps to protect your oral health and longevity.
Cleaning your dentures is essential. After removing the dentures at night, brush and rinse them thoroughly using a soft brush and a mild cleanser. It’s essential to use a brush that is soft enough to prevent scratches or damage to your dentures. Always use a cleanser meant for dentures rather than toothpaste since it can be too abrasive. After brushing, rinse your dentures thoroughly with clean water and then place them in a container of clean water or liquid denture cleanser overnight.
When you visit our Community Denture Centre in Penticton and Oliver, our experienced staff will give you instructions on proper denture care and cleaning, including how to wear them. The best way to care for your dentures is to be consistent. Ensure that you clean your dentures every night and follow the instructions given to you by your dentist. If you experience any sore spots or discomfort, visit us for an evaluation and adjustment.
In conclusion, sleeping with your new dentures is not recommended for proper denture health. Remove them every night to allow your gum tissues to rest and avoid several problems such as fungal infections and bone loss. At Community Denture Centre, we are dedicated to ensuring your denture experience is smooth and comfortable. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call, and our friendly and experienced staff will help you. Remember to follow proper denture care instructions, including cleaning them every night, and your dentures will last longer and keep you healthy.
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