Tips to Quickly Get Used to Wearing Dentures

Adjusting to new dentures can take some getting used to. Even though they look natural and give you back your smile after tooth damage or loss, they’re not your original teeth. For most new denture-wearers, it can take up to a month to become comfortable wearing them. In addition to adapting to a new way of smiling, eating, speaking, and drinking, your mouth is also getting used to the feeling and functionality of dentures. Community Denture Centre understands this period of adjustment—we’ve created this quick guide to help you quickly adapt!

Prepare for Initial Discomfort

For most people new to wearing dentures, there is an initial period of discomfort—usually lasting around 30 days. Being prepared can help you get through this period and understand that any pain or irritation you may feel is just temporary. Tricks like wearing denture soft liners will provide some cushion between your dentures and your soft gum tissue. Keep in mind that you may also experience some minor jaw pain as your mouth adjusts to no longer having natural teeth.

Eat Soft Foods

Learning to bite and chew with your new dentures may feel a bit different too. To help with your new set of teeth, start with softer foods. Foods like pasta, mashed potatoes, and oatmeal can help you adapt to your new smile without causing additional irritation. Softer foods can also prevent your dentures from shifting during eating, which may cause gum soreness during the first few weeks.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Certain foods can stick to dentures and cause increased movement of your dental appliance as you chew or try to remove the stuck-on bits with your tongue. Chewing on sticky foods like caramel and hard candies can cause your dentures to move or shift in your mouth and increase gum inflammation. In addition, sticky foods can also make it hard to clean your dentures properly.

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