Benefits of Soft Liners for Dentures

Whether you currently wear dentures or are looking to invest in a new set, it is important that you maintain a comfortable fit. Custom dentures from the Community Denture Centre are fitted for comfort, but it’s the day-to-day wear that needs a bit of extra cushion.
A soft liner is a thin, flexible layer of lining material added to dentures to provide comfort and protection for upper and lower oral tissues. They are most often made from either plasticized, acrylic resins or silicone elastomers. Just like shock absorbers help ensure a smooth ride in your car, soft liners absorb the shock of biting and chewing and ensure a snug fit between your dentures and gums.
The benefits of soft liners for dentures include:
  • A cushioned barrier between your dentures and your oral tissue
  • Absorbs shock and reduces gums irritation
  • Provides a snug fit and limits movement and shifting of dentures
  • Helps dentures stay in place and prevent “sore spots” on gums
  • Adds support to the jawbone to help stabilize the bite
  • Keeps your mouth clean by preventing gaps between the dentures and gums
Although dentures are molded and shaped specifically to match the contours and unique features of your mouth, some people need a bit of additional support. With the comfort and cushion of pliable soft liners, adjusting to a new set of dentures is a smooth transition. Soft liners can help you increase confidence in your bite and make your dentures feel more natural.
Soft liners may be recommended if your denturist notices:
  • Flattened gum tissues
  • Sores or lesions on gum tissue
  • Sustained pain and soreness on gums
  • Bony areas and thin tissue on gums
For dentures to be effective they have to be comfortable. Whether you are new to wearing dentures or have worn them for a while, soft liners can be added to your dentures. Once installed, soft liners typically last one to two years.
Invest in complete personalized denture services, including protective soft liners, with our custom dentures. With offices in Penticton and Oliver, we can help you regain confidence in your smile with comfortable, functional dentures. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.