Protect Your Dentures from the Sugar in Summer Sweets

From family picnics at Penticton’s Skaha Lake Park to events like Oliver’s Music in the Park, summer activities in the Okanagan Valley always have their share of sweet treats. If you’re unsure of which foods damage dentures or what you can eat with dentures, softer sweets are your best option! Keep reading for our pro tips on how to protect dentures from the sugar in summer sweets.

End Your Meals with a Sweet Treat

To prevent denture damage, try eating your sweet snacks at the end of the meal instead of as a snack on its own. You’ll be more likely to clean your dentures properly after a meal (especially at home) than if you had eaten the sweet treat on the go. Not only does sugar damage dentures, but the trapped sugar particles can also cause bad breath. Eating sweets at the end of the meal ensures that you can properly rinse and brush your dentures.

Clean Your Dentures After Eating Sweets

No matter when you decide to indulge in your sweet snack, it’s important to clean your dentures as soon as possible after eating. Natural teeth aren’t the only ones that gather plaque buildup on the surface of the tooth and along the gumline. To clean your dentures, soak them in a water or fizzy cleansing solution and brush them gently with a soft-bristled brush.

Avoid Hard or Chewy Candies

Dentures look and feel like natural teeth—and just like your real teeth, hard or chewy candies can cause damage. Biting down on hard candies can cause your dentures to chip or crack. Chewy candies can cause your dentures to stick together as you chew, causing your dentures to shift and painfully rub against your gums. Instead, choose candies that “melt in your mouth” and don’t require chewing or biting—such as chocolate or lollipops.

Choose Softer Sweets

Choosing desserts that are soft and don’t need hard bites or lots of chewing are the best option for denture-wearers. Here are out top choices for denture-friendly summer sweets:
  • Ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet
  • Frozen ice pops
  • Slushies
  • Flavoured Italian Sodas
  • Watermelon
  • Tiramisu
  • Fresh Okanagan berries and cream
  • Milk tea (without bubbles)

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