The Ultimate Guide to Denture Fitting in Penticton

Dentures can drastically improve your quality of life, allowing you to eat, speak and smile with confidence. However, the process of getting your dentures fitted can seem overwhelming and confusing, leaving many people with questions about the procedure. That is why we have created this ultimate guide to denture fitting in Penticton, so you can be informed and prepared for the process.
The first step in getting your dentures fitted is tooth removal. This process can be daunting for many people, but it is essential to ensure that your new dentures fit properly. Once your teeth have been removed, dental impressions will be taken to create a mold of your mouth. This is an essential step in creating dentures that fit comfortably and securely in your mouth.
After the dental impressions have been taken, bite molds will be created. Bite molds are designed to ensure that your dentures are comfortable and provide a functional bite. These molds are used to create a wax model of your dentures – this is where you’ll get an idea of how your new teeth will look and function!
Once the wax model has been created, your final dentures will be fitted. During this process, any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure that your dentures are a perfect fit. This includes making sure that your new dentures don’t slip or move around in your mouth – ensuring that they remain reasonably secure at all times.
Finally, it is important to remember that getting used to your new dentures will take time and patience. Your dentist may recommend that you start with soft and easy-to-eat foods before you work your way up to more challenging items. Be sure to communicate with us regularly, letting us know about any discomfort or adjustments you may need.
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If you are considering dentures or have recently committed to getting them, it is important to be informed and prepared for the process. Dental appointments may seem scary, but the result will ultimately change your life for the better. Denture fitting in Penticton doesn’t need to be complicated – with the right denturist and information, you can smile with confidence in no time!

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