The Advantages of Denture Relines: How They Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Denture relines are an essential part of modern dental healthcare. They can improve the fit of your existing denture, reduce movement that can create sores, improve your eating and speech. This blog post explores the benefits of denture relines in detail and explains why they are essential for anyone wearing dentures.

Improve the fit of the existing denture

One of the primary advantages of a denture reline is that it improves the fit of your existing denture. Over time, your jaw and gums change shape, due to aging and wear and tear. This can cause your dentures to become loose and uncomfortable, which can lead to sores and infections. A denture reline is a simple and cost-effective way to restore the fit and function of your denture without the need for a new set.

Reduce movement that can create sores

Loose dentures can move around while you eat, talk or even laugh, causing discomfort and even pain. This can lead to sore spots, which can become infected if left untreated. A denture reline can prevent this type of movement, reducing the risk of sores and infections. By improving the fit of your denture, it will feel more comfortable to wear, and you will have less discomfort.

Can improve eating

If your denture is loose, it can be difficult to chew food properly, which can affect your diet and overall health. A denture reline can help to stabilize your denture, making it easier to bite and chew food. As a result, you can enjoy a wider variety of foods and get the nutrients you need for good health.

Can improve speech issues due to slipping dentures

If your denture is not fitted correctly, it can cause speech problems, such as a lisp or slurred speech. This can be embarrassing and affect your self-esteem. A denture reline can improve the fit of your denture, which can improve your speech and help you to communicate more clearly.
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Affordable and easy to get

Denture relines are an affordable and simple way to improve your quality of life. They are typically covered by most dental insurance plans, and the procedure itself is non-invasive and fast. It only takes a few hours to complete, and you can leave the dental office with a comfortable, secure, and well-fitting denture.
Denture relines are an essential part of modern dental care for anyone wearing dentures. They can improve the fit of your existing denture, reduce movement that can cause sores, and improve your ability to eat and speak. They are an affordable and easy way to improve your quality of life, and most dental insurance plans cover the procedure. If you are experiencing loose dentures or discomfort, consider denture relines to restore the fit and function of your denture, and improve your overall health and well-being. Contact your local Community Denture Centre in Penticton and Oliver to learn more.
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