Denture Repair: How A Denturist Can Rebase Your Dentures

As a denture wearer in Penticton, the last thing you want is for your dentures to be uncomfortable or not fit properly. After years of wear, it is common for dentures to require repair and maintenance. One of the most effective ways to ensure your dentures fit more comfortably is through a denture rebase. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what a denture rebase involves, and how it can help improve the fit and comfort of your dentures.

What is a denture rebase?

Denture rebasing is a process by which the base of the dentures is replaced with new acrylic material. This is necessary when there has been a change in the shape of the gums due to bone loss or other factors. Over time, dentures can become loose or uncomfortable due to changes in the shape of the jawbone or gums. A denture rebase can help to restore the fit of your dentures and make them more comfortable to wear.

How is a denture rebase performed?

The process of rebasing dentures involves several steps. The first step is to create a cast of your mouth. This provides an accurate representation of the shape of your gums and mouth. Once the cast has been made, the denture is removed from its base and replaced with a new one made from acrylic material. This material is carefully molded to fit the contours of your gums and mouth. Finally, the denture is polished and refitted to your mouth to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

What are the benefits of a denture rebase?

The primary benefit of a denture rebase is improved comfort and fit. Over time, your dentures may become loose or uncomfortable to wear due to changes in the shape of your gums. A denture rebase can help to restore the fit of your dentures and eliminate any discomfort you may be experiencing. In addition, rebasing your dentures can help to extend the life of your dentures by replacing the base material.

How often should you have your dentures rebased?

The frequency with which you should have your dentures rebased varies depending on your individual circumstances. In general, dentures should be rebased every 2-3 years to ensure a proper fit. However, if you experience any discomfort or notice that your dentures are slipping or sliding when you eat or talk, you should see your dentist right away.
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Who can perform a denture rebase?

A denture rebase is a specialized procedure that should only be performed by a qualified dental professional. Dentists who specialize in denture care are trained to perform this procedure and can help ensure the best possible outcome. When choosing a dentist to perform a denture rebase, be sure to look for someone with experience and expertise in this area.
If you are experiencing discomfort or difficulty wearing your dentures, a denture rebase may be the solution you need. This process involves replacing the base of your dentures with new acrylic material that is molded to fit the shape of your gums and mouth. Not only can this help to restore the fit and comfort of your dentures, but it can also extend their lifespan. If you are in Penticton and need denture care, be sure to choose a qualified dental professional who specializes in this area. With proper care and maintenance, your dentures can continue to provide you with a secure, comfortable smile for years to come.
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