Can you add a tooth to an existing set of dentures?

What if you already have dentures but then another tooth decays and needs to be replaced? What do you do? Can you add another tooth to your existing dentures?
Unfortunately, the answer is: It depends. Sometimes you can add an extra tooth to your dentures. Other times, it may be more cost-effective to have an entirely new set made. The decision may be determined by the material your dentures are made of, the position of the new replacement tooth, and the shape of your other teeth.

Why denture materials matter

Most dentures are commonly made from either cast metal or acrylic. Additional teeth can be added to either type of denture. Cast metal dentures are usually stronger and meant to be for long term use. Adding an extra tooth to cast metal dentures is a bit more complicated because the materials don’t bond as strongly as with acrylic.
Acrylic dentures are usually meant to be temporary. Adding an extra tooth to acrylic dentures is usually just a matter of adding more acrylic for the new tooth.

Position is an important factor

Where the new tooth is located relative to the replacement teeth on your existing denture will determine whether a tooth can be added, or an entirely new set must be crafted. For example, if your partial denture is replacing front teeth and you lose a back tooth, it’s not feasible to add a replacement tooth to the existing denture.

The condition of your remaining teeth also plays a role

While you may be able to add an extra tooth right now, it’s important to also consider whether you’ll need to add more teeth in the near future. If that’s the case, you should plan not only for the current missing tooth, but the others that you’ll likely need. If you’re going to lose other teeth, it may be better to cast a new denture to account for those teeth.

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So yes, you can add additional teeth to your existing dentures depending on materials, tooth position and tooth condition. Here at Community Denture Centre, we’re committed to finding the right solution for you, not just for the moment, but for the long-term. Call us today!