A Guide on How to Travel with Dentures

As we age, taking care of our dental health becomes more important than ever. Many older adults wear dentures to maintain their oral health and ensure they can eat and speak comfortably. However, traveling with dentures can be a source of anxiety for some seniors. The thought of losing or damaging their dentures while away from home can seem daunting. But with a bit of preparation and knowledge, traveling with dentures can be stress-free. In this guide, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you travel confidently with your dentures and enjoy your trip.

Pack Extra Supplies

It’s important to bring all the necessary supplies for your dentures when traveling, such as denture cleaner, adhesive, a case, and a spare set. In case of emergencies, it’s a good idea to carry an extra set of dentures. Pack these supplies in your carry-on luggage rather than your checked baggage in case of loss or delay.

Make Sure Your Dentures Fit Properly

Before your trip, make sure your dentures fit properly by scheduling a visit with your denturist at the Community Denture Centre. Loose dentures can cause irritations, sores, and difficulty chewing that can ruin your trip. If you plan to be gone for an extended period, you might want to bring a spare set of dentures with you.

Research Denture-Friendly Restaurants

Planning your meals in advance can help you avoid any denture-related discomfort or embarrassments. Research restaurants that offer soft foods or that accommodate people with dentures. Don’t be afraid to let your server know about your dentures; they may be able to suggest menu items that would be easier for you to eat.

Keep Your Dentures Clean

Maintaining a regular denture cleaning routine is essential, especially while traveling. To avoid contamination, be sure to keep your dentures and their case as clean as possible. Bring a small bottle of denture cleaning solution with you, and ensure you clean your dentures daily.
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Identify Denturist Offices in Your Destination

Just in case you encounter a problem with your dentures, it’s wise to research local clinics in your destination. Knowing the location and contact information of a reliable denturist (who can help you in a crisis) can be valuable. Don’t wait until an emergency occurs, and instead research the details of your trip and destination ahead of time.
Traveling with dentures doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With proper attention to your dental health and a few precautions, you can travel confidently and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Remember to pack extra supplies, keep your dentures clean, research your restaurants in advance, and make sure your dentures fit properly. And if you need any extra support during your trip, don’t forget to research and have the contact details of local denturists on hand. We hope these tips will help you feel confident in your decision to travel and make the most of your journey. Happy traveling!

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